Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm back!

Back in Devon and back to the usual ... more's the pity :(

We had a lovely break in Yorkshire. We stayed for 7 nights in a static caravan at Primrose Valley on the East Coast, it was absolutely lovely.

All in all even the weather was also pretty good, we even had a couple of very sunny days, which is a suprise for mid October.

We visited some of our usual haunts, but also added some new ones ... amongst them were Hornsea Mere where we went to see the migrant geese etc (we saw a Hooper Swan - I've never seen one before - he was lovely!), and we discovered somewhere where we can see wild seals, there were some young ones there - what an amazing experience! I feel so privileged to be able to see wild animals ;)

I have some photos of the seals but haven't downloaded them yet - I must remember to post some here ...


Lorrietta Mike and Charlotte said...

I cant wait to see some of your seal pictures

Gail said...

I'll get them sorted out as soon as I can - GailX