Friday, April 28, 2006

the weekend

It's been a long and fairly eventful week for me, but now I can relax for the weekend and concentrate on some portfolio work and web site building for freelance illustration. I've got loads of ideas it's just a case of getting them from my head onto paper and screen.

I'm also inspired by the Illustration Friday topic ... so I might give that a go ... "under the sea" ... I feel a visit to the National Marine Aquarium coming on ...

Have a lovely weekend all ...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

good news

I know this hasn't really go anything to do with my usual blog topic - but it has been on my mind (therefore having an effect on my creativity I guess) and I just wanted to "get it out" ... my boyfriend had an interview this morning (basically for his existing job, but recognising it at a new level due to re-organisation) - and he's got it!

I'm so pleased and so very proud of him. It's been a stressful few weeks while this has been going on (it's been hanging around for months really). I feel like we can now breathe and get on with our lives ...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

setting goals

I need to start setting myself some goals and deadlines, I seem to've let things on the "freelance illustrator" side of things slide, there's always something more pressing! It's a problem I have, when I have tight deadlines at work I'm fine, but with personal "work" the deadline's down to me ... and well ...

But if I don't sort this out, I'll only have myself to blame. So here goes ...

My new schedule starts on Monday the 1st of May and includes (this is rough mind you ...):
- Getting my portfolio site up and running properly - goodbye holding page!
- Posting blogs more regularly
- Promoting my web site & there with, my work (links and listings on other sites)
- Start building a mailing list
- Sketching/drawing (at least something) everyday
- Working up portfolio quality pieces

Any other ideas ...?

Monday, April 24, 2006

pencil finally meets paper ...

I finally did it, I sat down on Saturday in the garden and forced pencil to meet paper! The results ...

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I must force myself to pick up a pencil ...

I've been so "lazy" as far as drawing goes lately. While we were away in Yorkshire I relied on my digital camera to capture things rather than sketching. With the warmer and brighter weather I really must force myself to get that sketch pad and pencils out and do some drawing and sketching ...

Hopefully I'll have some results soon to post here ;)

and I think to myself ...

I note the passing of the seasons partly by the change of the look of the countryside on my long journey to work and back. It's better at this time of year as I get home in the light rather than the pitch dark, this makes it a more pleasant bus journey with lots to see.

I often see buzzards and rabbits, yesterday I saw a dead badger, which is really sad, you only seem to get to see them when they're dead!

This morning there were so many primroses about with patches of violets, creating a pale golden carpet dotted with purple ... what a wonderful world

wish we didn't need to come back ...

Well we're back, and it will be a while until we get a break away again. I think we both wished we could've stayed away, but such is life ... ;(

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Archaeological dig

When we were in Yorkshire, we happened upon an Archaeological dig, it was really interesting and the Archaeologist in charge, Luigi Signorelli, was good enough to show us around and explain what was found. I've just found the following report in the Bridlington Free Press telling all about what they found, it's interesting to follow up on something you've seen ...

... it was just like Time Team!

I'm back ... but not for long

We had a lovely week in Yorkshire - totally relaxed and chilled out. I took loads of photos (which I'll post some of when I get them sorted out), but alas did very little sketching ...

We're back off up to Yorkshire on Thursday afternoon for the Easter weekend.

The cottage we stayed in was so lovely that we enquired if it was available again and thankfully it was, so we'll be staying there again this time, anything to make the most of our time off work! It's a lovely place with fields all round, the next door one has 2 horses in residence, at the back of the cottage there's a conservatory/dining area which is lovely to sit in with a coffee and watch the weather ... Sorry I've gone all dreamy ... wish I was there now! ;)

I'll do my best to get back into this blogging lark soon. The good news is we're looking at a computer for home, so I wil then have more time for this type of thing, rather than just rushed posts during my lunch. It was great to see everyone else's blogs and all they've been up to while I've been "off-line" ;)