Wednesday, April 26, 2006

setting goals

I need to start setting myself some goals and deadlines, I seem to've let things on the "freelance illustrator" side of things slide, there's always something more pressing! It's a problem I have, when I have tight deadlines at work I'm fine, but with personal "work" the deadline's down to me ... and well ...

But if I don't sort this out, I'll only have myself to blame. So here goes ...

My new schedule starts on Monday the 1st of May and includes (this is rough mind you ...):
- Getting my portfolio site up and running properly - goodbye holding page!
- Posting blogs more regularly
- Promoting my web site & there with, my work (links and listings on other sites)
- Start building a mailing list
- Sketching/drawing (at least something) everyday
- Working up portfolio quality pieces

Any other ideas ...?


PG said...

Me, for the third and last time. Try actually writing down the time you start work (like clocking in) to the time you stop work (ditto -out). It's amazing how mcuh time is spent doing housework. Checking e-mail, etc. If you really honestly keep track of how much real time you actually spend on your illustration career, it is astonishing how much you can fit into a hour.

I'll stop pestering you now...


Gail said...

Pester as much as you like ... I need all the advice I can get!

Chris.P said...

Hi Gail
I think a proper schedule is a good idea. Personally I tend to drift like the clouds during the working day.

My typical day involves faffing about until I build up just the right amount of procrastination guilt, then I burst into action around 8 PM!

See you at the clocking in machine.