Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm back ... but not for long

We had a lovely week in Yorkshire - totally relaxed and chilled out. I took loads of photos (which I'll post some of when I get them sorted out), but alas did very little sketching ...

We're back off up to Yorkshire on Thursday afternoon for the Easter weekend.

The cottage we stayed in was so lovely that we enquired if it was available again and thankfully it was, so we'll be staying there again this time, anything to make the most of our time off work! It's a lovely place with fields all round, the next door one has 2 horses in residence, at the back of the cottage there's a conservatory/dining area which is lovely to sit in with a coffee and watch the weather ... Sorry I've gone all dreamy ... wish I was there now! ;)

I'll do my best to get back into this blogging lark soon. The good news is we're looking at a computer for home, so I wil then have more time for this type of thing, rather than just rushed posts during my lunch. It was great to see everyone else's blogs and all they've been up to while I've been "off-line" ;)


PG said...

Glad to see you back (I worry about people when they aren't 'here')

I used to pack all manner of art equipment for going away, but it never gets used, so now I just take a sketchpad...and pencils...and a pen...thank God for digital cameras!

Have another wonderful time. :)

Gail said...

Thanks Gretel - I worry about people like that too ;)

I'll second that ... thank God for digital cameras!

Maya said...

Welcome back Gail! :)
We missed you!
Happy to hear you had a lovely time!
That cottage does sound "dreamy"