Sunday, January 20, 2008

Expression in Calligraphy

Yesterday I went along to the monthly Saturday meeting of Plymouth Calligraphers (a group of local calligraphers), the theme of the meeting was 'Expressive Calligraphy', it took the form of a discussion and a show of historical slides in preparation for a weekend workshop coming up later in the year, all presented by a very talented calligrapher - Celia Lister.

Calligraphy is seen by many as a craft with the strict rules of letterforms within a particular hand being the overall 'idea' behind it all. But when you have mastered the basic letterforms of the various hands (italic, uncial,round hand, foundational, ... etc.) and the rules that usually apply to them, you can take things further and add you own 'mark' and create your own calligraphic language - crossing the border between craft and art.

I think this is the same with many 'artistic' persuits, you need to learn the basic craft first (ie. how to draw, paint, sculpt ... etc.) before adding your own expression and personality ... taking things on to that other level.

Once I've attended the workshop later in the year I will post some images of my results and add a little more of my thoughts on the subject.


natural attrill said...

I hope you post some for us to see.

Gail said...

I will, I promise. I'm really trying to get back into some of things I haven't had time for over the past year or so.

Thanks for visiting and posting comments Penny, I guess most people have given up on my blog - and who can blame them ;)

natural attrill said...

Hi Gail,
I am sure people will come back here if you start visiting others and leaving comments.