Thursday, January 24, 2008

doggy doodles

Here are some 'doodles' I've been doing recently. There's just something about the shape of a greyhound that appeals to me ...

Yes, those are coffee cup marks, I was using some paper that was on my desk that I had been using to stand my coffee mug on - it gave me an interesting background to start working on ;)


Erica-Jane said...

Hi Gail,

I'm so chuffed you vissited me at my blog!
I love greyhounds, but my husband is allergic to doggies...booo.
I have this vision of myself living deep in the French countryside, hunting for mushrooms with my two lovely greyhounds in tow :0)

hee hee

Beautiful sketches, so elegant.

I'll be sure to post a piccy of my bundle when she comes!


PG said...

I thought the curvey lines are a very clever decoration, reminded me of 1930's lino cuts, what a delightful sketch!

natural attrill said...

These are lovely, very delicate, and I especially love the coffee stain marks, really nice Gail. Cant wait to see more!

Gail said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments.

Erica I do visit your blog - regularly, but usually at work and due to the fact that I have an ancient Mac there which doesn't run the latest system software, blogger doesn't work properly and I can't post comments!

ladysnail said...

lovely lines. i also love greyhounds. i think they are beautiful. i think some of the best work comes from pieces of paper that people would never really choose to draw on. i like how the coffee mug has left its mark.dx.

tlc illustration said...

I also really like the coffee mug marks. :-) Good color, lyrical shapes. How smart to utilize them.