Tuesday, November 28, 2006

christmas is coming ...

Sorry for the lack in posts recently - things in my 9to6 are pretty hectic at the moment - we've got a lot to get through here before Christmas.

On a positive personal front - I painted up my Christmas cards over the weekend, I've got one small bit to do on one (a bit of a shadow to lift it up off the white background a bit), then it's scanning and to the printers. I'm really pleased with how they are looking, I just hope that all the watercolour subtlety shows in the final printed cards. I hope to have some done for the weekend.

I'll post some photos when I can.

I've finally taken the plunge and bought a computer - I should have it delivered and all set-up before Christmas ... I can't wait, it will mean I will be able to do so much more online. I might even get my web site finished off and out there with a big push!

At the moment I'm in one of those "planning" and "list making" moods ... there's so much to do before Christmas ... where has the time gone ...?


Chris.P said...

I look forward to seeing your finished cards Gail.

I'm starting to build a new PC. I thought it would be more affordable to create one piece by piece! I hope I can do it quite quickly, otherwise the bits I fit at the beginning will be old technology by the time I get it finished!

Gail said...

I took the plunge and decided to buy a PC (I'd prefer a Mac - but when it comes to prices an PC won over) with all the bits (although software and how much it costs is the next problem!). Someone recommended timeuk.com, so we went with them ... now it's just a case of waiting for the paperwork and then delivery!

Good luck with your PC - I think it's great to be able to build your own! ;)

natural attrill said...

Looking forward to seeing your card.
Good luck with the new computer.