Wednesday, February 18, 2009

snow and hares ...

Just got back from a relaxing week away in Yorkshire. It was a great break, we didn't do too much, we had a fair bit of snow so it was warmer to stay close to the cottage. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of our week ...


PG said...

Brrr...I'm surprised you managed to get up there! Lucky you seeing a hare in the snow, Andy will be jealous.

Gail said...

Thanks Gretel

The hare in the snow was total luck - I'm always on the lookout and never see any - we were on our way out (had to get supplies ;-) ) and as I was locking up I looked out across the snow covered field and there he was - thank goodness I had my camera on me. I saw a few more in the distance a few minutes later, but none for the rest of the week, even though I kept my eyes peeled.

We did see a barn owl on several occassions too, which was magical ... ;-)

SCL said...

Good evening to you Gail –- and greetings from err Plymouth – love the hares by the way.

Why am I contacting you ?

In a somewhat random act of artistic interaction I came across your blog today. I have placed a thumbnail for it for it under my local blog-roll “My Dog Has Eaten These Local Devon Blogs… and Says Yum Yum” – scroll down and you will find it . I have regular visitors from 73 countries (and counting) and a good number ( 80 at present) of regular followers – again from all over the world -from Chile via the USA to China – so if you like the idea of lots more people from all corners of the globe paying you a visit – come and join – put your talent out there – who knows who might be looking ! I think it’s a good idea to support local bloggers where I can.

Once you have had a look – (I’ll leave it there for a couple of weeks) - if you fancy being a permanent part of this blog just say yes and I will leave it there. In return all I would like is a link somewhere on your site.

Have a look and see what you think.

By the way - if you want to print out any of my images - feel free - some are quite nice ( I hope) – just tell your friends where you found them.
Hope you find my site interesting as well.

Best wishes from my corner of Plymouth !!

PS will be following you on Twitter !

(Steve Clement-Large : My Dog Ate Art )


Gail said...

Cheers Steve, have checked out your blog and will add a link on mine to yours.


SCL said...


Brilliant - consider yourself permanent



tlc illustration said...

Looks lovely - but chilly! Glad you had a nice break.

Jane said...

How lovely to see a hare in the snow! I like the sea anemone pics too...

Highton-Ridley said...

Some beautiful shots here Gail - you've a natural talent :)

Mark - fine art photography

日月神教-向左使 said...