Sunday, March 11, 2007

hearts & chocolates ...

Yesterday a lovely parcel arrived - full of valentine's themed goodies - thanks to a very generous fairy ... thanks Connie ;) (I love all the little bits and bobs - you really put in some thought with all the themed goodies - I'm really looking forward to trying the chocolates - they look devine - thanks so much!)

Here's some pics of the parcel contents:


natural attrill said...

The parcel looks lovely, hope you enjoy it. I wonder who your fairy Connie is, does she have a blog?

Anonymous said...

So very, very happy you got your parcel safe and sound. I was hoping you would enjoy the little things I put together for you. You will love the candy I think because it is a chocolate that just melts in your mouth. Oh my I am craving some

It has been a pleasure to meet you. Please stop by and visit me at my blog any time.

Take care,

PG said...

Wonderful, I'm so glad it worked out in the end, well done both of you!